How To Start A Fort Lauderdale Tattoo Shop

Accepted by the majority as an art form, a profession and a current state in the 90s, the tattoo remains a fashion trend. Many people get tattoos, and the tattoo industry is continuously growing.

Opening Of The Tattoo Shop

Furnish and decorate the work, reception and office areas. Purchase and install all the necessary furniture to accommodate artists and customers. The work areas will include several reclining chairs, similar to those of dentists, tables, illuminated drawing tables, trolleys for the elements and large mirrors. The reception areas need a counter or desk, chairs, daybeds, shelves to display "Flash," basic art designs and displays if you sell body jewelry. The office area usually needs a desk, chair, and filing cabinets. Check out the best Fort Lauderdale tattoo shop.


Buy all the necessary equipment and supplies. Before opening the store make sure you are provided with all the supplies, materials and equipment required to function correctly and efficiently. The equipment and supplies for tattoos usually include an autoclave to sterilize the instruments, tattoo machines, needles, paper towels for ink, plastic bottle sprayers and plastic or latex gloves. The office equipment can include a computer, a calculator, telephones, and printers.

Hire enough professional tattooists to staff your study. Depending on the size of your store and how many customers you expect to generate, you probably need at least one or two trained tattoo professionals. Before opening, evaluate the possible number of clients and get ready to hire enough professional tattoo artists.